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Destiny 2

After a long hiatus, I am back with some words towards Destiny 2. This SciFi-shooter will hit the shelfes at 06.09.2017. At the moment we can play some beta, a.k.a. demo, the entry mission ‘Homecoming’, the stike ‘the inverted spire’ and last not least, some PvP.

In my humble opinion it doesn’t deserve the title ‘Destiny 2’, e.g. it is more like a ‘Destiny 1.5’. The engine is the same, it is of course a polished version of the old one, you have the same chars to choose from, some polished but still the same supers, you still got the same enemies – and yes, those are updated too. But in the end, it lacks the wow-effect.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still the same experience, it has a great gun-play, even better, more graphics, better effects – both visual and in terms of audio.¬† But taking some things away, like reducing the number of players in PvP, forgetting about the former lore, or exchanging the supers with different effects – a.ka. ‘take this there away and put it there’, isn’t ‘wow’, it is just an evolving process.

More chars too choose from, more worlds, instead taking some away and introducing some new ones, choosing in PvP sessions between 4v4 and 6v6 gameplay, some new enemies instead of only the same but updated cabals, vex and fallen.

Destiny is since year one a game with a rock-solid base, but shortcomings in almost every area and don’t forget countless and hollow promises from Bungie toward the community.

Destiny 2 has to deliver, at least in terms of more and steady content, better and way faster fixing of bugs,¬† a good story and way less strange ideas of Luke ‘throw money against your screen’ Smith.

Of course I will play it, I like it, but I don’t count on Bungie,¬† there are again too much controversial announcements regarding D2, like the ‘beta’ is almost several months of age, so you can be sure anything will be different in the final game. Sure, so why do we again play a beta? Stress testing with some old code? Looks like the PR department of Bungie has again no clue what they’re talking about.

They are working on it, sure, about some month away from the international  release they will work hard on it. Maybe on some patches they will deliver after release, but the game has to be ready, to manufacture the physical copies and to get it to the local shelfes. Remeber it is a digital and a physical release and even the game industry with lots of mumbo-jumbo going on, it is still usual business like at Microsoft, Apple and so one. That is, they have a certain period of time to accomplish the task or to wreck it.

Screw Bungie, if they ground the game again with their laziness …